Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take before I get my transmission back?

It depends. If there's no work and you bring it at 8 am and we have all the parts we can have it done by lunch time. Call ahead and let us know and we'll give you a more approximate estimate.

My transmission makes noise. What is it?

A transmission already makes plenty of noise but some noises like whining or grinding is something to worry about. It can be something as simple as a bearing or something like a broken tooth on a gear. Bring it in and we'll tell you exactly what it is.

I hear a noise but when I press the clutch it goes away. What is it?

When you press the clutch you disengage it from the transmission. So if it makes a noise while it's connected then usually there's something inside of the transmission that makes the noise. But, it could be something like a faulty clutch that's rattling from the springs or the throwout bearing.

How much is the labor rates?

This all depends on what kind of transmission it is. Trans-axles (Front wheel drives) tend to be a little more expensive because of the work that's needed to be done like basically dismantling the whole front end. Transmissions (Rear wheel drives) are cheaper compared to the trans-axles because there's less of us turning wrenches involved.

What kind of fluid does my transmission take?

You'd be surprised what fluids these transmissions take. Most people who come in still think they have to put 90 W in their transmission but modern transmissions will fail because of this. Most transmissions now use A.T.F (Automatic Transmission Fluid) or 30 W motor oil. Always call us and ask and don't listen to the guy at the parts store who says it takes 90 W because he's not the one who's going to warranty the work.

I brought in my transmission but never got a call back. What do I do?

Give us a call. We are all humans and make mistakes and it's rare for us not to take a customers information down but you'd be surprised how many people leave their transmission with us and try to take off without giving us their info.